Dr. Nathanael Homewood is the Principal Investigator for this study entitled “Finding Benny Hinn: Global Entanglements in Pentecostal Faith Healing.” Dr. Homewood is a lecturer in the Religion Department at Rice University, the General Secretary of the African Association for the Study of Religions, and the editor for Modern and Global Christianity in the Religious Studies Review. His interest in Benny Hinn emerged as he researched Pentecostalism throughout the globe, constantly finding references to Benny Hinn.

He has been aided in his research for this project by four undergraduate students at DePauw University, where he taught before his return to Rice University. Those students’ research positions were funded by both the Asher Endowed Research Funds and The Tenzer Technology Center from DePauw University.

For more information about what this study entails, please see this link.